Résidences Vue Montblanc

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The 3 main reasons for a smart real estate purchase decision at «Résidences Montblanc» 

1) 92.7 % of people keeping their money in savings / bank accounts, or entrusting it to a Wealth Management Team of the financial world have achieved in recent years negative (minus) results. Expenses are eating away the tiny return. An attractive and safe real estate investment on the other hand easily brings 5 % return on equity, before tax.

2. If you are dreaming of a holiday home or moving your own residence, your dream can come true for around
CHF 1,000 per month*.
During the hot summer period you will "sleep like a log" in the crisp, cool air at 1200m alt. In autumn you will escape the polluted air of the city and bathe in the warm autumn sun, enjoying the most beautiful view in Europe.
*The calculation is based on a 3.5-room apartment with 110 m2 net living area, excl. Utilities and maintenance costs.


3. « Is it still worthwhile investing in real estate? »
With a real estate investment, you are definitely on the better and safer side. Read press articles on the topic:




Investment Example

Your opportunity for a smart investment

  1. Buy an apartment and let it to someone else

  2. Buy an apartment and use it yourself

Financing Calculation / Example 

Total investment                  CHF 750.000
60% mortgage                      CHF 450.000            
40% your investment          CHF 300.000


  1. Buy and Let   

Monthly rent  CHF 2.200 net                   CHF    26.400 p.a.
./.  Maintenance & Admin. Costs             CHF      4.000 p.a.
./.  Mortgage rate, 10 years, 1,5%             CHF      6.750 p.a.    
Your annual net income before tax          CHF  15.650

This corresponds to an ROI (return on your investment) of 5.2%.
Compare this to current interest rates on your savings account and other safe investments!


2. You buy the dream apartment for yourself and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view for
approx. CHF 1000 p.m. (excl. Maintenance/Admin.costs)


Do not wait until you have to pay negative interest on your bank accounts! Unfortunately, this scenario is no longer utopia...